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What is a Virtual Job Fair All About?

A virtual job fair is a new way for you to network with employers in real-time. Whether you’re looking for your next job or new opportunities for your staff, you can cast a wide net in this innovative virtual showcase that’s free for job seekers and at no cost for employers.

It’s simply an online event that connects candidates with employers looking to fill entry-level or internships positions within their companies. In a virtual job fair, candidates have the opportunity to have informal interviews with employers over the Internet through scheduled webinars.

Benefits of Virtual Job Fair

Some of the benefits of a virtual job fair include;

Connects Employers with Potential EmployeesWhat is a virtual job fair? It is a free online gateway for job seekers and employers to connect directly for no cost.

Highly Convenient-Virtual job fairs are an amazing resource for students and graduates looking for internships or entry-level job opportunities through real-time video conferencing. This means that you can view hundreds of companies simultaneously, apply to jobs that could be in a totally different state, and instantly connect to employers using Skype.

Easy Access of Jobs-Virtual career fair is a professional recruiting event for connecting job seekers and employers. Job seekers can learn about various job opportunities that interest them from top employers from across the country. Employers can connect with candidates in an organized environment, driving the organic growth of their recruiting pipelines.

Cost- Effective-If you are looking for a time and cost-effective technique that allows you to meet hundreds of hiring managers and recruiters, then a virtual job fair helps you achieve that. Save time and money by meeting with multiple hiring managers in one place simultaneously. You don’t have to wait months to set up interviews – just schedule them when it works best for you. Simply put, a virtual job fair is a fast, economical way to find employment, make career contacts, enhance your public image and get valuable advice.

It’s Beneficial to Businesses-Businesses can benefit from this resource because it accommodates both large and small companies and includes several innovative tools that allow employers to sift through hundreds of virtual resumes quickly. This resource is beneficial for job seekers because it allows them to contact recruiters directly about job opportunities and get their resumes noticed by recruiters who search for candidates with the specific skills needed.

Tips on How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Fair

Are you ready to get out there and connect with job fairs in a whole new way? That’s right! These days, companies hold job fairs online as well as offline. It can be tough to get started when you’re not sure what to do, so here are some tips on how to prepare for a virtual job fair;

Have an updated and complete handshake profile-A handshake profile is where you tell the world about yourself and is one of the first things recruiters will see when searching for candidates. As you prepare for a virtual job fair, it’s important to get your profile updated and complete so recruiters can learn more about you.

Your updated handshake profile will include a headshot photo, most updated resume and cover letter, a list of employers that have visited your page, and any other information you wish to share. By completing your Handshake profile, you can quickly move through applications during a virtual job fair by using the handy tools provided on Handshake.

View the list of employers attending the virtual job fair-Experience a new way to connect with employers without compromising your productivity. You can view the list of employers attending and specifications for online interviews during scheduled time slots at the Virtual Job Fair. By participating in the job fair, you can contact employers hiring full-time, part-time, and/or intern positions and find employment opportunities that might not be available nationwide.

Check the employers’ websites-Scrolling through websites helps you learn important information about a job and the employer, from benefits to industry connections. At a virtual job fair, the websites of each company are presented as mini-websites for you to review. Be prepared for the virtual job fair as you would any job interview by researching the companies that interest you.

Prepare a short overview about yourself-The purpose of a virtual job fair is to let you try to present yourself on video. However, it will be quite challenging because most of your competitors also have the chance to show their real characters on video. To stand out, it’s critical that you have a short overview of your studies, career goals, background, and more. This way, you’ll know how to respond to employers who’ll seek to know more about you. Therefore, they won’t catch you off guard.

Dress Professionally-Virtual job fairs are a great option for people pursuing remote work and would like to explore potential employers before committing to an in-person interview. But, without the in-person meeting, shouldn’t you fake it until you make it? The answer is no! As long as your virtual job fair is scheduled appropriately, you should dress professionally as if you were going to an in-person interview. While proper attire won’t be the only deciding factor, applicants that walk into a five-star hotel wearing sweats will likely be screened out early by employers looking for the best fit.

Look for a cool and neutral background-We recommend that you look for a neutral background like the one used to film this simulated job fair, but feel free to choose whichever background will make you look your best on camera. Make sure the environment is well lit, and check that the sound volume on your microphone is loud enough without overpowering your voice. Practice pointing at the monitor from different angles so people can see your face clearly if they are watching from a different location.

Finally, a virtual job fair is a social job placement network where companies and job seekers connect, interview and hire in a secure, anonymous and efficient environment.

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