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What Are The Most Important Features of a Virtual Receptionist Service?

virtual receptionist service is vital in any workplace, especially for businesses that handle a huge traffic flow. In addition, it comes with valuable features such as the following:

·   Auto-attendant

For your virtual receptionist needs, you can install an auto-attendant, a less expensive option than a live virtual receptionist. It reduces the burden of answering calls by redirecting the calls to the right department.

·   Live answering

Some customers don’t like the idea of being answered by a machine. In this case, a live virtual receptionist is all you need. The receptionist will answer the call on your behalf with an extra layer of personal touch and professionalism.

·   Message taking

Taking in messages is one of the vital roles of a receptionist. It includes putting into the record the caller’s information and reason for calling.

·   Patching and call transfer

A virtual receptionist is trained to patch calls directly to the right phone number, especially calls requiring immediate assistance.

·   Appointment scheduling

Virtual receptionists can integrate calendar application to schedule appointments on behalf of you or your business. All you need to do is specify your preferred timing, and your receptionist will handle everything, especially alerting you when the appointment is added to your calendar.

·  Response time

Time is precious not only in business but in all aspects of life. Whenever a customer calls you, you would want to make sure you pick up the call right away. With a virtual receptionist in place, you won’t miss a single call. The goal is to ensure your customers won’t be left waiting in line.

Hiring the service of a virtual receptionist might cause you additional money, but you will certainly benefit from it in the long run. It could lead to efficient customer service and a better customer retention rate.

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