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Two Key Features of Google Cloud Security

Like all big cloud providers, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) also practices cloud dedicated security with a shared responsibility model, in which both client and cloud provider are responsible for implementing high quality security measures. However, GCP also needs to ensure that it secures its own infrastructure, as cloud users are merely expected to secure the resources, applications and data of their own organization. Hence, here are some important google cloud security Tips that you should pay attention to.

First of all, according to Google’s documentation, “In addition to improving our ability to detect and prevent security threats, we will be looking at making our in-house threat intelligence and prevention tools more robust and adding in new channels to reach out to customers and protect them.” This is Google’s best practices for reducing the risk of data loss and fraud. For this, the company will continue to add logging capabilities, use logs to determine the sources of attack and apply antivirus software to prevent them.

In addition, Google will continue to add the support of external metrics to Cloud monitoring and reporting. According to Google, “Google Cloud Intelligence has been an important part of our effort to partner with our customers to bring greater functionality and better service to cloud consumers and businesses. With the introduction of Google Kube, we will be able to take some of the external tools we have available today and extend them to the Go Suit project, which is a next-generation mobile operating system and app platform for mobile devices that we are developing internally.”

As a result, Google will be able to monitor the behavior of its customers, to ensure that they are acting responsibly and keeping the environment safe. Google plans to include monitoring capabilities in the Go Suit project, through which organizations can gain access to sensitive data from any location. Google Cloud Security has two components: Google Big Brother and Google Security Shield. The former is a collection of tools and reporting that will monitor network activity and help administrators reduce the risks of data loss, while the latter delivers strong identity authentication and access protection. The two technologies complement each other and work hand-in-hand to provide the best security controls.

According to Google, it has developed the Best Practices for Google Cloud Security in response to changing business requirements. Google has constantly been striving to improve services and make the most out of advanced IT infrastructure. Through the Best Practices for Google Cloud Security, Google is looking to strengthen the foundation of its massive cloud computing initiative – data disposal.

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