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Top four hacks that will improve your trading performance

Everyone wants to do their best in the stock trading business. But the success rate in the stock trading profession is very low. The majority of the retail traders are struggling with their stock trading business since they don’t have the proper knowledge to trade the market. Some traders have strong analytical knowledge yet they lose money since they can’t control their emotions. To become a profitable trader, you have been very strategic with your actions. Unless you take the trades in a systematic manner, it will be really hard to overcome the major obstacles at trading.

Professional traders use many advanced techniques to make a consistent profit. But today, we will highlight the top four techniques by which you can become a professional trader within a short time. This will also improve your decision-making skills.

Multiple time frame analysis

Studying the different time frame data in a particular asset is known as multiple time frame analysis. By analyzing the data in multiple time frames, it becomes easier for retail traders to find reliable trade signals in the market. But things might get confusing when you will get two different readings in two different time frames. In such circumstances, you should be looking for the trade signals in a higher time frame. If you become too much confused, you may avoid the trade signals. Consider the multiple time frame analysis as a process to filter out the bad trades. Once you master this technique, you should be able to make a big profit in this market.

Using the 100-period moving average

The novice traders keep on losing money since they don’t have the skills to deal with the trend. In general, they draw the trend line in a faulty way and loses the trade. To avoid such problems, the professional traders at Saxo Bank Dubai often rely on the 100 periods moving average. Note that some traders prefer to deal with the 200 period moving average as it tends to be much smoother. If the price trades above the 100 periods moving average, you should be looking for the buying opportunity only. On the contrary, if the price of the asset trades below the 100 periods moving average, you should be looking for the selling opportunities only. Once you become good at analyzing the important data by using the moving average, you will feel an improvement in your performance.

Using the candlestick pattern

The use of candlestick patterns in the trading business is known as a price action trading strategy. Professional traders often rely on the candlestick pattern to trade the important support and resistance level. But do not think learning about the candlestick pattern is going to be an easy task. You have to focus on long-term goals and trade this market with the demo account. Study the single candlestick pattern and they go for the complex candlestick pattern. Once you become skilled in analyzing the important market variables, you can start taking the trades with a high level of precision and this will definitely improve your decision-making skills.

Use the Fibonacci retracement tools

Smart traders love to trade with the major trend. But trading with the major trend is a very tough task unless you know the proper way to execute the trades. In general, novice traders mess things up as they don’t have the skills to ride the trend. But if you carefully evaluate the important market details, you should be able to execute the trades with the trend right at the end of the retracement. For that, you have to use the Fibonacci retracement tools. While using the Fibonacci retracement tools. Try to focus on the higher time frame data. This will allow you to make wise decisions at trading and help you to take the trades in a better way. So focus on long-term goals and trade this market with the help of the Fibonacci retracement tools.

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