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Patrick Lucchese Brings Success to Families and Small Businesses 

Patrick Lucchese, a Brazilian businessman, has made a career out of helping family businesses grow stronger through initial public offerings (IPOs). As the founder and director of Urban Advisors, a Brazilian firm that helps small businesses go public, Lucchese works with families to guide their companies through the process of raising capital and expanding their business.

Lucchese believes that small businesses are as much about family as they are about profit. To help them reach new levels of success, he works with both sides of the operation. He starts by doing an “X-ray” of the company and then helps to put together a council for the company if it doesn’t already have one. Lucchese helps to organize the organizational structure of the company, showing each individual line of business how much net revenue it brings to the company. He also helps the company to focus on the future by showing them which lines of products are most profitable.

Going public can be a challenging experience for business owners, as they are now subject to investor scrutiny and may have to open up their books to shareholders. Patrick Lucchese helps business owners navigate these new challenges by building trust together with them and by keeping the future of the entire family in mind. He understands that taking a business public can feel uncomfortable for entrepreneurs and helps them to understand the benefits of going public, such as being able to raise capital and hire more employees.

Lucchese’s business experience and history gives him a unique perspective on IPOs. He has been on both sides of the process, having had to take over his family’s real estate investment company during his college years. He understands what it’s like to run a family company and the feelings that come with taking a business public. He creates closeness with clients by sharing his own experiences and by making connections with other entrepreneurs who have gone through the same process.

After a successful IPO, Lucchese continues to work with clients as a trusted advisor. He likes to be very close to the owners and executives of the company, offering support and guidance when needed. He also helps companies to create stock option plans and to benchmark against other successful family companies.

Ultimately, Patrick Lucchese is a businessman who helps small family businesses go public. He understands the importance of both family and profit in these businesses and carefully helps to guide them through the process of raising capital and expanding their operations. Lucchese also serves as a trusted advisor to these companies after their IPOs have been successful, helping them to thoughtfully navigate the challenges of being a public company. His unique perspective on IPOs comes from his own experiences and his ability to connect with other entrepreneurs who have been through the same process. Patrick Lucchese’s goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of having a public company and helping to change their lives.

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