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PanthIR Medium Range Camera

The PanthIR Medium Range Camera is a remotely operated camera system designed to provide the operator with capabilities similar to those of a traditional medium-range surveillance system.

This PanthIR Camera consists of three panoramic cameras and one imaging sensor, which each includes an IR illuminator capable of emitting light invisible to humans but visible to insects and rodents.

Features of the PanthIR Medium Range Camera

a) Wide Field of View

The PanthIR Medium Range Camera (MR) is a panoramic camera that can create images at an extremely high resolution. This camera can capture 360° spherical views of your environment.

The camera has a wide field of view that allows you to capture any area in the world in one image. You can use this camera to create amazing videos, images, and maps.

b) Ease of use

The product also has advanced software built into it so that it can be used by anyone who knows how to operate it! More importantly, you do not need special training or camera experience before operating it.

In addition, this is because it comes preloaded with basic functions such as adjusting focus and exposure settings, taking pictures and video recording, viewing photos on screen, and more!

c) Wi-Fi Connection

The camera has an integrated Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to connect it with their mobile phones or tablets. This makes it easy for them to upload their photos and videos directly to their devices.

d) Built-in Flash

A built-in flash allows you to capture images at night without turning on additional lights. This built-in flash is extremely bright, allowing you to capture clear pictures in low-light situations.

The flash also helps reduce camera shake by illuminating the subject more evenly. This feature allows you to take pictures at night without using any external flashlights or lights on your camera.

e) Infra-Red Illuminator

The camera has a long-range Infra-Red illuminator, allowing the user to generate an image at night or in poor visibility conditions.

The red light emitted by this illuminator is invisible to the naked eye. It has been designed to overcome the difficulties soldiers face in low-light situations and can be mounted on any weapon platform.

f) Integrated ND Filter System

The ND filter has a special feature that allows you to shoot in bright sunlight without losing image quality. It also supports panoramic and time-lapse modes, providing users with a better shooting experience.

g) Waterproof

The camera comes with IP68 waterproof level protection technology that makes it dustproof up to two meters deep underwater, meaning you can take pictures underwater without worrying about damaging your camera body or lens.

This feature is useful for underwater photographers who want to capture life underwater but do not have diving equipment.

In Conclusion

The PanthIR is a medium-range infrared camera for all weather/day-and-night surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

It is also very effective for precision target identification and reliable forensic evidence collection in the aftermath of an improvised explosive device (IED) attack.

It supports all kinds of weather conditions and has been tested from extreme hot to cold weather.

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