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Online Time Clock: The Impact of Streamlined Time Tracking

Time tracking is one of the most essential parts of managing any business. Knowing where your employees are, what work they are doing, their schedules, hours, and attendance is vital to having a properly functioning workplace. The problem is, with traditional time tracking methods, this can quickly become disorganized and ineffective.

An online time clock can eliminate many of these issues and streamline the entire time tracking process. A streamlined time tracking process is not just good for tracking hours; it can have far-reaching impacts that affect every business area and ultimately lead to a healthier and more profitable business overall.

Let’s take a look at how using modern online time clock software can improve the workplace and your time and attendance tracking process.

More Productive Employees

The entire team time tracking process can be a time sink when it comes to having employees fill out their timesheets and turn them in each week. This is added to the actual process of clocking in and out multiple times a day to start their shift, take breaks, and clock out for the end of shift.

Many employees can become bogged down by logistics and perform poorly once they get to their assigned tasks. This is compounded by the fact that they have to remember their hours to get paid accurately, and the time it takes away from the job to clock in and out can lead to tons of lost time and productivity.

Our online time clock, Buddy Punch, makes the entire process much easier and faster for everyone. Most of the time, employees can clock in from their favorite mobile device, and with a simple password or PIN system, the entire process can take seconds.

Automatic timesheet management also means no more filling out timesheets each week and having to hand them in and make sure they are error-free to get paid on time. This process alone can lower employee morale and productivity since it influences their pay. Automatic time tracking ensures payment is quick and accurate so employees can focus on the job and not tracking their hours.

Less Time Micromanaging

Streamlined and easy time tracking can also have a substantial positive effect on management as well. With manual time tracking, a significant amount of time must be spent by management overseeing employees and making sure they show up for their shift, stay on task and take their appropriate breaks. Not only does this lead to a ton of wasted time on behalf of managers, but it is also often impossible even with constant oversight to keep track of everything accurately.

Management also has to approve or deny every little request that comes up; this means that other critical managerial responsibilities often get neglected in favor of more tedious micromanaging of employees.

An online time card system eliminates much of the need for oversight because it automatically tracks hours, attendance, and even productivity. Managers can set automatic reminders for employees and see all available data at a glance in real-time. The process for approving time off requests, overtime, and other employee needs is also greatly simplified.

Better Flexibility

Whether it means project management or just adjusting to a changing business situation, one of the most important benefits of a streamlined time tracking process is the ability to change with the work environment.

An online time clock gives businesses the ability to adjust staffing levels, handle attendance issues and meet customer demand much more easily than with manual methods. For instance, if there is an unexpected rush of business, it is much easier to check the schedule and call in more employees. Conversely, if a business is slow, management can send employees home. This also allows the company to avoid unnecessary shortages and overtime by accessing the schedule and attendance at any time. Effective time tracking allows for great flexibility in the work environment.

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