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Mark Roemer Oakland Clarifies What You Must Understand About Real Estate Clients Today


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the quickest way to become a successful real estate agent is to develop meaningful and long-term customer relationships. And the best way to do that is to learn the mindset of your real estate clients today. It’s one of the secrets to secure repeat business and gain referrals.

The Discussion

Here are a few things that you must understand about real estate clients today to find success:

  1. They want to be educated on the home buying process – The home buying process can be a daunting experience for first-time home buyers. Thus, they expect their real estate agents to guide them through all the necessary steps and ease their stress. For instance, you must educate them on how to select the property that meets their requirements on the property listing portals, the criteria of good listings, how much time it would take to go through the entire, process, and other important considerations and contingencies that they should expect.

When a buyer is aware of all the stages, timelines, procedures, and paperwork of the home buying process, they feel more comfortable and trust you more.

  1. They want to believe you have their best interests in mind – You should never let your customers feel like you are only engaging them for the commission. It can be the quickest way to break their trust and hit a wall in your career. Thus, it’s important for you to get to know them on a personal level. Ask them plenty of questions to learn about their needs and requirements so that you can serve them better.

Also, it’s crucial to treat them as friends that you genuinely want to help locate and purchase a good property instead of treating them as transactions. The best way to do that is to put yourself in their shoes. This would allow you to understand and eliminate concerns that can arise due to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

  1. They want to be kept in the loop and updated – Nobody likes to be ignored, especially when they have invested their money and time into something. That’s why one of the best ways to keep real estate clients happy is to send them constant updates about their listing and check in with them frequently. This allows them to reduce their stress and confirm that you are always available to them.

It is also important to offer your complete attention whenever you are listening to their queries or requirements. Active listening is one of the most important listening skills you can develop to make your clients feel special and respected.

  1. They want an agent they can count on for life – Successful real estate agents know the power of building long-term customer relationships. If you manage to get a good deal for your real estate clients, they can stay in contact with you and hire your expertise for more projects in the future. Thus, it’s not a good idea to neglect your real estate clients after a project is over.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you do your best to make each of your clients feel special. You can do that by sending them special handwritten thank you notes during special occasions, sending them housewarming gifts, and more.

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