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How to top class 11 exams: top tips

Class 11th is considered a difficult subject by many students but at the same time it covers important topics and concepts whether relating to Class 12th or competitive exams. Therefore, it is very important for a student to study and prepare properly. The important tips and tricks to score good marks in Class 11th exams are given below with proper subject wise strategy.

  •         Schedule your time: Creating a schedule will assist you in balancing your study with other daily activities. Simply put, this is one of the most crucial things you can do to effectively manage your time and plan your day. Make a timetable from the time you wake up until you go to bed, to help you wind down the day.
  •         Proper Planning: While planning your study time is a good technique to come up with a study strategy for class 11, it’s equally important to make sure you’re getting your everyday duties done on time. Don’t take on too many tasks in a single day. Don’t put too much strain on yourself; instead of taking a dozen things at once, divide them into 5-6 themes and study sensibly.
  •         Study Smart: One of the most prevalent suggestions for how to study in class 11 is to learn how to study smartly rather than cramming things. After completing tenth grade, most students become perplexed when they are assigned to a stream and introduced to new subjects. Many students utilize ways to memorize information, but regardless of your major, you should not memorize subjects. The key to learning is to comprehend rather than memorize each subject.

Subject wise strategy:-

  1.       Mathematics: is one of the most scoring subjects. One can score 5 out of 5 in this subject. But, at the same time, a mistake can also result in zero marks. Therefore, alertness plays an important role. Topics like the binomial theorem, introduction to 3-D geometry, linear equation; Sets, etc are important topics. However, questions in the 11th mathematics NCERT book seem easy and can end the struggle with mathematics. Therefore, solving questions from NCERT will certainly help students to score a good mark in class 11th mathematics exam. 
  2.       Physics: is one of the major subjects. A student needs to clear his or her concepts to score good marks in physics. The NCERT book is of great help. It helps a Student to clear his/her concepts. Important topics like gravitation, waves, thermodynamics, etc. are scoring. However, NCERT for physics should be covered thoroughly by a student with a special focus on exercise given at the back.
  3.       Chemistry: When it comes to chemistry, it has a vast syllabus. Therefore, NCERT consisting of 14 chapters plays a very important role. As important chapters like hydrocarbon, structure of atoms, chemical bonding, etc. has been covered in a great manner. However, revising the chemical formula and sticking it in the study table, and revising it on a daily basis will help.
  4.       Biology: when it comes to competitive exams like NEET, etc, the importance of this subject comes into the picture. Biology NCERT is itself enough to top the exam. Practicing diagrams and answer writing before the exam is very important. However, respiration, biomolecules, biological classification, etc are important and scoring.
  5.       English: English snapshot and English hornbill are two different textbooks provided by NCERT. Understanding and organization plays an important role in this subject. NCERT is written in an easy English language; even prose and poetry can be understood by students of different intelligence levels. Therefore the tip for English can be said as “NCERT and NCERT are enough for this exam”.
  6.       Business studies: Although, it is a theoretical subject. But, only  memorizing is not enough . One has to cover the NCERT and try to apply concepts, how in real life it is applicable and this will enable a student to score highest marks.
  7.       Economics: Economics consisting of microeconomics and macroeconomics. NCERT covers both of these segments in a great way. Clearing concepts, understanding government decisions, etc, will help to score good marks.
  8.       Accountancy: For commerce students, accountancy is an important subject when it comes to higher studies. Revision and practice is the secret to score in the subject.
  9.       Statistics: Students consider it a difficult subject. However, NCERT provides a simplified version and covering from NCERT exercise will help in the exam.
  10.   Computer and computer technology: NCERT is written in such a way that first-generation learners can easily understand the concepts. Therefore, covering from NCERT is very important when it comes to this subject.
  11.   Graphic design: it is the subject in demand. So, for higher education as well, a student has to cover it seriously. NCERT books for graphic design provide both concepts and real-life applications. Therefore, NCERT can be of great help to know the technique and trends.
  12.   Psychology: to master the subject, a student has to focus on the various aspects of the human mind which is covered by NCERT class 11th psychology book. To score, a student has to focus more on the practical application of the subject.
  13.   Hindi: Antral, Vitan, Antra, and Aroh are four different textbooks provided by NCERT for the subject. To score good marks in Hindi, one has to focus on the proper organization of answers with no spelling mistakes.
  1.   Geography: NCERT for the subject is enough to score good marks. However, diagrams, examples, and organization of answers are of great help in the exam hall.
  2.   Political science: is a subject dealing with government policies parties, DPSP, fundamental rights, etc. Political science is a subject which deals with day to day governance of a country and to score good marks in this subject a student has to focus on important concepts provided by the NCERT.
  3.   History: History NCERT for class 11th  covers There’s an event in chronological order an important map on ancient time, etcTherefore, covering and memorizing history NCERT will enable a student to score good marks.

Conclusion: Tips and strategy has been shared above and it can be seen that NCERT Books Class 11th  plays an important role. So it can be said that not to have so much in the plate and read and revise important concepts provided by the NCERT.

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