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How to Score More Marks in Physics CBSE Examinations?

Physics is one of the essential subjects in the science stream for the students. As the subject contains multiple formulas and derivations, students might find obstacles in grasping the concepts within a short period of time during examinations. In order to clear up the doubts of the students, highly experienced faculty prepared the solutions in a descriptive manner. These solutions play a vital role in securing high marks along with boosting confidence in solving tricky problems. Students who failed to learn the concepts from the beginning, might find obstacles in grasping the basic concepts now. To overcome this issue, students are advised to choose the right study material for better understanding of the concepts.

Choosing the correct reference guide helps students to grasp the fundamental concepts accurately and improves a strong conceptual base in students. Subject experts designed the solutions comprehensively with important derivatives to make learning simple and easy for students. Practising these solutions on a regular basis, helps students to obtain deep knowledge of the covered concepts. By following these solutions, students analyze their level of preparation and understanding of the concepts. Students are highly recommended to refer to these solutions to clear their confusion which arise while solving textbook problems.

The solutions are so apt that students who practice diligently obtain proficiency in solving the complex problems effectively. Regular practice of these solutions help students to perceive the topics precisely which is essential from the exam perspective. The solutions are written in a simple and lucid manner with the aim of making learning interesting and fun among students. Diligent practice of NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics enables students to understand the topic in a better way clearing their confusion instantly. Apart from textbook questions, students need to work on previous year questions and sample papers for better academic performance.

Preparation tips using NCERT Solutions

  • Practising previous year question and sample papers

To have an idea of important questions and their marks weightage that would be asked in board exams, it is utmost important to go through previous year question and sample papers. This improves the ability of answering the questions in an effective way which is necessary from an exam point of view. Students can download these solutions both online and offline as per their needs.

  • Follow the NCERT Textbook in depth

Students are suggested to revise the textbook problems on a daily basis. Most of the questions that appear in board exams are mainly from NCERT textbooks. Hence, thorough practice of textbook problems help students to face the exams without any fear. The textbook problems not only help in board exams but are also useful in other competitive exams such as JEE, NEET etc.

  • Focus on numericals and derivatives

Solving numericals from the textbooks in depth would help students to score more marks in exams. Therefore, students are advised to practice the numericals as many times as possible to understand the steps of answering them in a descriptive manner. Practising the derivatives in depth boosts confidence in solving the complex problems effortlessly.

Following these tips students are able to perform well in the CBSE Physics exams. To improve conceptual knowledge of the concepts, students can make use of various reference guides available in the current market. Students can download the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics 24/7 as per their requirements. Experts formulated the solutions in  chapter wise and exercise wise format to boost exam preparation among students.

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