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How To Decorate A Cake With Sprinkles

If you are getting into the world of baking, pastry, or confectionery, maybe even if you have been working in it for some time, you have read or heard about Sprinkles, but to the point, what are Sprinkles?

Cake sprinkles are small pieces of sweet confectionery used to decorate various confectionery and pastry products, cupcakes, donuts, cakes, ice cream, etc. It differs from topping, whose term is usually used to define toppings such as ice cream sauces or pizza bases, among others.

Sprinkles have existed for many years; although we were satisfied with the traditional chocolate or colored noodles and small balls, roasted or caramelized nuts today, the catalog of sprinkles that we can find would not be finished even if we dedicated a lifetime to the world of pastry.

The small sweet pieces, edible of course, besides being used to decorate cakes and other mentioned elaborations, have another purpose, that of offering a contrast of textures on the palate, which after all, after eating with the eyes, what we value most is the appreciation of texture and flavor.

There are references that sprinkles were already used in French confectionery at the end of the 18th century; their use increased, and the variety of sweet decorations in the market. We can find cake sprinkles of all kinds of shapes, colors, and flavors; they are made with sugar (in all its variants), chocolate, cookie, nuts, cereals depending on what they have been made with and the shape or presentation they have (and also the country) they can have more specific names. Still, in general, they are included within the term mentioned.

Sprinkles are usually used to sprinkle on the desired sweets, which will have been previously glazed so that they adhere, in principle, to decorative purposes. Still, as we mentioned, they are also used to provide texture, so it is not superfluous to incorporate them in sweet doughs, always choosing the suitable variety of cake sprinkles.

These sweet decorations can be found in specialized stores, stores on the street and online, in hypermarkets there is still minimal supply, as we know that they work almost with a brand and with the most basic in confectionery. The price of cake sprinkles varies according to their composition, shape, manufacturer, or store that offers them; they are not usually expensive.

An essential aspect that you must not forget is that whatever product you buy to decorate your cake, you must first read the label very carefully to make sure that it is edible and what ingredients it is made of. If it just says it is non-toxic, it may not be a good idea to use it on something that is meant to be eaten.

So now you know, there is no excuse for you to make incursions into the art of baking; it is not necessary that there is a particular date, only that you feel like doing it. Look for that recipe you love, take advantage of the fact that baking is therapeutic (there is no way you can continue worrying about everyday things while you are calculating portions or decorating a cake), include your favorite ingredients, and let your creativity fly when decorating it, it will be worth it.

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