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Experience The Magical Effects Of L-Arginine

A semi-essential amino acid found naturally in dietary products like chocolate, nuts, seeds and raisins, the L-Arginine is not naturally produced by the body and is required to be obtained from external sources.This compound is necessary for the body to execute several important psychological processes which includes secretion of hormones, removal of toxins from the body, enhancement in growth hormones and improvement of the body’s immune system. This compound can also be manufactured in laboratories to be used for the treatment of various ailments.

It is frequently preferred by professional athletes for its ability to produce nitric oxide thereby increasing the flow of blood to the brain. But there is lack of adequate scientific evidence to establish this effect of L-Arginine with certainty as healthy adults seldom experience such effects. This compound triggers the body to produce proteins essential for healing of wounds, enhancing semen production, preventing wastage of tissues and curing several critical illness. However, caution must be exercised by users suffering from certain class of illness as it can lead to severe impact n consumption.

Safety measures

There are certain health related issues which should be given utmost importance before deciding to prescribe such supplement to improve circulation of blood to the brain. Those suffering from allergies or sensitive to the compound should refrain from its use otherwise it can lead to swelling of the airways. It can be taken orally for a short duration during the initial stages of pregnancy but should not be continued for a prolonged period. People suffering from cirrhosis should use this supplement with extreme caution. L-arginine is known to lower blood pressure levels in the body which is the reason why users with such complications should take it under medical help. Other considerations include kidney problems, cardiac complications and surgery related issues which call for sufficient precautionary measures.

Dosage recommendations

The dosage recommendations made for this supplement is mostly based on scientific research, traditional use and expert opinion rather than practical observations. Due to lack of sufficient clinical studies the effectiveness and safety guidelines is yet to be proven. Different brands manufacture different products with varied ingredients making it necessary to estimate the dosage intake with accuracy. The product label should be read carefully and the dosage consulted with a healthcare professional to initiate the dosing therapy. For adults, the recommended dosage level ranges from 400mgs to 6000mgs for therapeutic purpose.

The intake level is titrated according to the purpose for which it is consumed, whether for treatment of ailments or for enhancement of performance levels. This supplement is however, not suggested for children due to the lack of sufficient scientific information available and the associated side effects, if any. Premature infants have been charged with 1.5 millimoles of this compound per kilogram of bodyweight orally for an initial period of 28 days to improve circulation of blood in the body. This is, however, subject to certain conditions which should be kept in mind before making such prescription.

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