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Electric and Vintage Repairs For The Auto Enthusiasts

It takes more than the mere preference of a car to another to qualify as an auto enthusiast. I love cars, but if I’m frank, there is a ceiling I need to hit to be eligible as an enthusiast.

Who is an auto enthusiast?

An auto enthusiast is one with a deep passion for cars as well as other motor vehicles. They have a zeal for the industry responsible for car production, and most importantly, they have a clear understanding of the culture surrounding the cars. The height at which auto enthusiasts appreciate cars is beyond what people like me do. They see beyond the practical value of transportation.

What factors should one consider before settling for a car mechanic?

Finding the ideal mechanic for your electric or vintage car requires your head in the game.  Your vehicle is an essential investment that you can’t leave in the hands of any mechanic. The following are some worthy points to note.

The ideal shop for your brand car

It is common knowledge that cars come in different makes that are unique to other brands. You must identify a mechanic shop that handles the type of car you own. The mechanic shop that runs your kind of car is ideal to ensure through repairs. For Tesla model owners, you can visit any certified Tesla body shop to get your repairs done within a short time.

Ask Google

The internet has a ton of rewarding information. You don’t want to sit with a problem when you can search through the internet for mechanic shops with unsurpassed expertise. As you explore, make sure to check the range of services and the price for each. Pick the mechanic that best suits your car needs and compare them before settling for any of them.

Also, check the customer feedback section of their website to see what you are signing up for.

Inquire from family and friends

My family and friends have always come through any time I needed a referral. Identify the one with a similar car and refer you to the best mechanic for your vehicle, depending on the service you require.

Check their certification

To avoid instances where an auto repair shop messes up your car completely, please endeavor to learn about their expertise. You could call their shop and inquire how long they have operated and their professional qualification because the last thing you need is a quack working on a car you bought with your hard-earned money.


The distance to the auto repair shop should be convenient with your schedule; otherwise, you might end up wasting too much time on something you can find near you.

Inquire of any warranties

Here is why your internet exploration in the search for an auto repair shop will come in handy. Make sure to check their website to know what warranties they have. You could also call them or visit the shop to find out.

What are some of the easy ways to ensure minimal trips to your mechanic?

Did you know that it is super easy to take good care of your electric as well as a vintage car and minimize your trips to a mechanic shop? Here is how.

Frequently check your cooling system

One glance at the radiator coolant can save you a great deal. The coolant level should range between the high and low markings. After checking it, you could adjust it as recommended by your car manufacturer.

Check the pressure of your tires

You can’t do a thing without your tires. A reduction of pressure in your tires will make it hard for you to drive your vehicle. A tire placard should point you in the right direction in knowing the level of pressure in the tires.

Also, the habitual carrying of a mechanical tire pressure gauge to accurately estimate the pressure level is vital because sometimes the ones in a service station could be inaccurate.

Always check your battery

The condition of the car battery is everything when it comes to electric cars. You can’t afford to have failed batteries. Any time you notice that your vehicle is taking too long to start, you can opt to charge them up as this increases the length of life of a car battery.

 Electric car owners must be conscious of charging service providers for their cars. Airstream repair services are one of the best, and they can install a charging system for your vehicle in your business as well as home.

Check your lights

Your headlights, indicators, and tail lights are too vital to be ignored. Make it a habit to check these lights to avoid a scenario where they fail to work at night.


Points to note for both electric and vintage car repairs

Unlike vintage cars, electrical ones don’t have a lot of moving parts. This makes them cheap and easy to service. However, electric vehicles are so costly even though they hardly need emission checks or oil changes. The only motivating factor for purchasing these cars is that they become a good point for saving in the long run. Here are a few points for an enthusiast to note.

Cost of maintenance

An auto enthusiast must take into consideration the amount that goes into maintaining an electric car. As we notice above, it is affordable to keep these cars because they hardly require fueling; hence, they have reduced carbon emissions and are energy-efficient.

An electric repair is highly dependent on the users’ choice for auto repair service, the car model, the terms of the warranty, and the nature of significant repair services such as replacing a battery. Just like vintage cars, electric ones undergo servicing at regular intervals.

 Vintage cars need a lot more because they have lots of moving parts. Enthusiasts must be keen to notice that a vintage vehicle only survives on transmission fluids and oil. One should take their car to a qualified mechanic with vast experience in changing the transmission fluid. The auto mechanic must be fit to remove the old fluids, clean up the car, and refill it with some fresh and new fluid.

Tire repair and maintenance services

An aspiring car owner may want to relax and imagine that so little goes into repairing an electric vehicle’s tires. It might shock you how important it is to be keen in this area. An enthusiast should know that tire rotation is so crucial and should be given so much importance. For electric vehicles, tire footing is quite heavy because they come with massive batteries hence exerting so much pressure on the wheels.

As for vintage cars, tire rotation is vital and comes in handy in extending a tire’s life. It proves efficient, especially when you are just about to embark on a long journey.

Servicing for brake fluid

Car enthusiasts need to understand the nature of the brakes we have in most electric cars. This might shock an average car lover, but for enthusiasts, it’s probably common knowledge. The breaking of electric vehicles is as a result of regenerative braking. Each time this kind of infringement is in action, there is hardly any room for mechanical brakes.

However, they still come with brake disks and pads that require some hydraulic fluid, which is also present in vintage cars. Hence, a brake fluid flush always comes in handy and is done at regular intervals.

Brake servicing

After a clear understanding of servicing for your brake fluids, it is paramount to consider the periodic brake pad and disk service. In case you are wondering how long you should wait before servicing your brakes, know that you can decide that by the amount of force you apply on them.

Gentle users stay longer, but demanding users will have to frequent the servicing stations. Also, the terrain your vehicles operate in has a lot to do with using the brakes.

Battery servicing

For automotive enthusiasts, the amount of care and maintenance a battery is almost equivalent to a vintage car requires. The most similar part is in the cost and value. Any electric car owner must avoid letting the car be in extreme heat and cold conditions, charging the batteries with damage eventually. Letting the batteries die completely is not advisable.

Coolant services

You may wonder what this service is for, but an updated auto enthusiast will tell you that electric cars still need coolant services even though they do not use engines. Their massive batteries pose the danger of fire accidents and must therefore undergo cooling from time to time.

Enthusiasts must be aware of the intervals for flushing electric car coolants. The intervals vary. A Chevy bolt needs a coolant flush after every 150,000 miles or after four years. Tesla Model 3 requires the same after every 50,000 miles.


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