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Do You Need Health Insurance?

Previously, many people, particularly the younger and healthier generation, never saw the need for health insurance. However, since COVID-19 brought the world to its knees, many have realized that health insurance is indispensable to people of all ages. So, why exactly do you need health insurance? Read on.

1.    Lifestyle Diseases

Regardless of age, you may have one or more lifestyle diseases, such as heart disease, respiratory problems, obesity, or diabetes. These diseases are expensive to manage; unfortunately, they are on the rise even among people under 45 years of age. If you are free from these diseases now, it doesn’t mean they can’t come calling.

Some of the causative factors that can make you get these diseases include leading undisciplined lives, gadget addiction, eating unhealthy foods; pollution; stress; a sedentary lifestyle, and the use of drugs or alcohol. Some of these factors can be beyond your control.

2.    How to Protect Your Family

As a parent, you must have other dependents that can fall sick unexpectedly. Medical expenses can drain your income if you don’t have medical coverage. Matters can worsen if one or more of your family members suffer from a chronic or terminal illness. Furthermore, if you have aging parents that need constant medical attention, things can get tricky if they don’t have medical coverage. For these reasons, you need to talk to insurance companies and medical experts to help you decide on a plan to take care of all your dependents.

3.    To top up your existing cover

If you are employed, your employer could provide you with insurance coverage. Undoubtedly, this cover may not take care of all your needs. So, you need to find out what your employment policy covers and what it doesn’t. Once you do that, you can talk to an insurance company to provide you with additional coverage.

Additionally, if you have health insurance that doesn’t cover the illnesses or diseases running in your family, you can opt for something extra to give you peace of mind.

4.    Medical Inflation

As medical technology advances, new diseases also appear. So, to ensure you get the best medical care, an insurance policy can help you cover the cost of advanced medical treatment procedures.

Apart from the cost of treatment and drugs, other costs such as hospital room rent, theater costs, ambulance charges, diagnostic test fees, doctor’s consultation fees, etc., are also on the rise. All these costs add up, and when you or your loved one is sick, you may not be able to bear the costs. The best option is to have insurance.


As you can see, medical insurance is something you can’t do without. It is in your best interest to get the cover as soon as possible. When you have decided to sign up, choose an insurance company that is reputable, honest, and licensed. You can talk to medical experts to help you get a good insurer. Alternatively, you can speak to your friends or relatives who have already signed up for medical insurance.

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