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AWS Migration; Everything you should know

Amazon Web Service migration has become quite popular now, not just because it’s safe and reliable but also because cloud services have become an important component for every company. There are might rarely be any big companies who wouldn’t have migrated their services to the cloud.

Your company can opt for a private, public, or hybrid migration through AWS migration, depending on your needs and demands.

What can all be migrated?

Multiple things, almost every requirement can be migrated to the cloud. They mainly include any workload running on x86, a database system consisting of SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HANA, MariaDB, Sybase, Oracle, and many more.

You can also migrate platforms such as VMWare, Opensource hypervisors, the workload on hyper-V, and a few more. If required, there are services provided for cross-platform migration as well. Cross-platform migration as in IBM power, Solaris, and HP-UX.

Why should you choose AWS cloud migration?

There are multiple reasons why one should choose AWS migration for their cloud migration. First, it has now become a demand for all companies to shift to cloud services. Second, cloud computing services have many benefits. They increase employees’ productivity, help increase the value proposition of new customers, and decrease the overall cost of technical infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services turn out to be one the best choices one can make for the migration to the cloud.


AWS services are cost-effective. It can help you save on maintenance of the on-premise infrastructure. No, just that AWS offers eight different data storage services with varied cost prices. You can choose the one most suitable for you, either according to your needs or the price offered.

The eight types of storages provided are;

  • Amazon Glaciers
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Amazon Elastic File System
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • AWS Snowball
  • Amazon Cloud Front
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Amazon EC2 Instance Gateway

AWS cloud migration also allows switching between the storage options available to secure cold and hot data storage.

Speed and Agility

Cloud computing has been so into power these days because it lets you get started with work in just one click. Its speed is unbeatable, and that makes you thrive in the market. Moreover, you don’t have to delay the launch of new products into the market because of any delayed work due to technological issues.

Operational Resilience

Amazon Web Services handles and maintains security systems and provides high-quality service options such as auto-scaling and resource provisions which build up the operational Resilience and lower downs the chances of disruption.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are multiple services available, AWS migration turns out to be the best clouding migration service. This is because the demand for clouding services has increased, and chosen a good service is very important.

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