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Anavar for Females – Learn About the Right Dosage and Benefits

Women have always been dependent on Anavar for strength and endurance. Unlike other steroids available online, oxandrolone has no serious side effects. If the users follow the instructions and take right dosages, then the supplement can make the athlete’s career.

Unlike most of the steroid, Anavar has extremely low level of toxicity. As it is mild in composition, it is best suited for the females. Many females must be wondering why it is the most recommended when there are dozens of other options available. Well the answer is quite clear. It does not offer any serious androgenic properties. It does not mean that men cannot consume the supplement. However, women will experience more beneficial results after a cycle.

Different types of side effects experienced by users

There is a high possibility of the adverse side effects for both men and women. Genitourinary side effects are irreversible in nature like menstrual abnormalities and clitomegaly etc. Besides this, the patients might experience side effects like hepatocellular carcinomas, peliosis hepatitis, and cholestatic hepatitis and so on. Renal side effects lead to the retention of water, phosphorous, sodium, less urinary excretion of calcium.

The hormone known as oxandrolone has some Oncologic side effects like hepatocellular and hepatic neoplasms, etc, and have been observed among the users. Not only this, there are different gastrointestinal side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea to name a few. They have noticed few dermatologic side effects including the change in skin color.

What is the role of the Anavar steroid?

The main target of the users is to increase their muscle density, strength and tone of the muscle fibers. The scientists conducted different researches and studies to check how the drugs react with the body chemistry, their advantages, tips to use the steroids and the dosage requirements.

The research and years of Anavar usage show that it has no adverse effects in the women. Still, it is great to get your doctor’s consent before starting the program.

During the clinical trials, the supplement proved to be really effective. The doctors recommend the patients to consume at least 2- 3 tablets after meals. They are also available in the powdered form. The powder is quite cheaper than the tablets. However, the patients must consume the powder more than the tablets for effective results. However, those who experience gastrointestinal discomfort must avoid this supplement. Women are advised to consume the steroid after 1- 2 hours of having meals.

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