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All there is To Know about Bath Salts and Bath Salt Drug Testing

One of the many dilemmas in the world is bath salts and how to handle them. While looking at a person, it is difficult to say whether or not they are high on bath salts, and there aren’t many tests that can tell if someone is on bath salts. Bath salt drug testing isn’t apparent and has been giving people head scratches over the years.

There are several variations of bath salts drugs, and how to deal with them is difficult. First off, it is crucial to know what bath salts are in the first place. They are laboratory-made, meaning that they have a lot of compounds and different designs. Bath salts is a cathinone that has several other components in it. There are several different variations, with each having different implications.

Are Bath Salts Bad?

Bath salts are classified as recreational drugs. Depending on how they are used, the effects can be devastating in some people. Not to forget overdependence on the drug can lead to addiction and fatal results. Bath salts, depending on how they are made, can be defined from mild to wild effects. One of the variants of bath salt drugs found in Florida is called Flakka and is known to bring a catastrophic impact on the user. Bath salt drugs should not be confused with the original bath salts that are put in bath water and dissolved. Bath salts, in many instances, can be described as harmful. The drugs look to be cheap alternatives to common cathinones such as MDMA or drugs such as cocaine. All people should be careful when taking bath salts, looking at the compounds it contains. More importantly, refraining from bath salts is highly advised.


There aren’t many regulations regarding bath salt drugs. At the start of the 2010s, there was a lot of uncertainty on the drugs, and they were put on hold until some research was done on them. In 2012, President Barack Obama put a permanent ban on some bath salts, and since then, there are some compounds that are banned from being used in the manufacture of the drugs.

Reasons it is hard to Fight

For as low as $2.50, a person can buy bath salts online. They are cheap alternatives to other drugs, mimicking their high. Moreover, as some substances are being banned from use in drugs, scientists make them improvise. They go ahead and put other compounds in the drugs that will have the same effect on the user. The labels of the drugs can make it hard to identify them. They can come in packages written, “Plant food” or “Not for consumption” confusing authorities.

Bath Salts Testing

Bath salt drug testing has been difficult at times since each bath salt can have different substances in them. Most labs apply the use of liquid chromatography or gas chromatography in the testing of bath salt drugs. As more is learned on the drug, more ways of testing it will be discovered.

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