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All about First energy power

First Energy Power is a corporation that is an electric utility. It is headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The affiliates and subsidiaries of the corporation are responsible for the distribution, generation and transmission of electricity. They are also engaged in energy management and other related services. It is composed of ten electric utility companies, operating in the areas of the United States such as Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and New York. Within 65,000 square miles, First Energy Corp serves 6 million customers.

Products and Services

First Energy Corp claims itself to be committed to making the lives of their customers’ brighter, to make the communities stronger and the environment better. Some services offered by the corporation are as follows:

Electrical services- The corporation appoints its licensed contractors to build connection projects. The highly trained professional contractors from the corporation help in electrical works to keep homes and families safe. It provides services from upgrades, simple repairs, installations and inspections to major rewiring. Electrical services as categorized by the corporation are-

  • Inspection for electrical safety.
  • Switch installation, Plug and Wiring work.
  • Remodels, upgrades and repairs.
  • Exterior and Interior lightings.
  • Meters, circuit breakers and fuses.
  • House installation from surge protection.

Security lighting: A smart home is all about protected and advanced security. Hence First energy corp is also in charge of security lighting. Security lighting outdoors is at the first line at defence to protect the home and the family. It offers a great quality floodlight that operates from dusk till dawn, and also the ones with motion sensors. Styles ranging from classic to contemporary, First energy installs energy-saving LED lights which can save upto 80% of the cost of energy and which also lasts 25 times more than incandescent. The photocell fitted by the First energy, turns the light on and off itself automatically as it prevents activation in the daytime. The security lights are also built in such a manner that it is adjustable and can be directed where it is needed.

Home insulation: The home insulation services of First energy brings more comfort to smart homes while correspondingly saving the bills of electricity. It is designed to help save money by helping to improve the energy efficiency of the smart home. First energy also is in charge of consultation to provide people with knowledge of ways to keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The insulation service of First energy is of such high quality that it keeps away unwanted sounds from the indoors, such as outdoor noise and traffic by creating an environment that would be peaceful to live in. It also provides the home with a barrier from moisture with less humidity and drywalls.

Home connections: First energy provides home connections where it identifies the service provider of the local area of the customer. Home connections make it easier for the customer to move into a new home, instead of the customer having to call TV, internet and other home utility providers individually. The customer can call for a home connection and order the services that they need from a single source. It simplifies the moving process of the customer by helping dramatically with effort and time to set up services for internet, tv home security, phone, and popular retailers discounts.

Landscape Lighting: First energy with its motion sensor feature in lights also provides outdoor lighting that makes outdoor comfort. It provides different styles of lighting with flexible designs which enhance the property and the home. First energy provides high-quality outdoor lighting with low voltage which provides several years of performance with energy efficiency. To add in with the Smart home, the landscape lighting comes with a programmable timer that automatically turns the low voltage system of lighting on and off. It also offers a cost-free home demonstration of the layout of the lighting that will suit the best for the customer’s property.

Home repair plans: Smart homes are fully based on technology, which means that many at times there might be an outbreak in the systems. Therefore, First energy provides cost-efficient repair plans for the home’s exterior electrical plumbing, cooling and heating systems with repair and protection. It has a 24-hour hotline number for emergency services, and qualified technical professionals provide the fastest service.

Smart meter: First energy provides a smart meter that runs digitally and collects information of electricity usage, which data is sent to the local utility through a secure connection of telecommunications.


Hence, First energy as a corporation of power service providers, delivers eminent services for Smart homes starting from bulb connection with motion sensors to smart meters. With its energy-efficient services, it can thus be said that First energy is at its best in maintaining a better environment with proper safety.

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