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5 Surprising Uses of Sawdust Around the Home

 Sawdust is a byproduct of working with wood. All woodworkers create piles of sawdust when drilling, sawing, or sanding wood products. The wood shavings have multiple applications and are handy for every homeowner. Sadly, many people don’t know how to utilize the product. Are you seeking ways to use leftover sawdust in your home? Check out surprising uses that you probably never imagined.

  1. Cleaning nasty spills& stains

I presume you often encounter stubborn stains in the garage. These can be hard to clean oil spills in the driveway, and sawdust can help eliminate them. For instance, beech sawdust is super absorbent and is effective in cleaning spills.

Pour sawdust directly into the stain, wait for a few minutes, and sweep. The results? The stubborn spots will come out with the sawdust, thanks to its unique soaking properties. You can also use it to clean your floor. It’s a strong cleaning agent and will aid with the most stubborn stains.

  1. Mulching

 Do you have a home garden and have been spending much on mulch? It’s time to forget about the cost associated with buying mulch. Spread sawdust around your plants to prevent weeds and conserve moisture in your garden. Remember to add nitrogen to the soil and mix thoroughly before laying the mulch. It’s advisable to use a pound of nitrogen for every 50 pounds of sawdust mulch.

  1. Lighting fires

 Lighting a fire can be a hassle if you lack the right accessories. If you want to light a fire in your home and can’t spot a newspaper nearby, why not grab a small heap of sawdust? It’s more effective and safer! You can use it in the fireplace, backyard heap, or when organizing a beach bonfire. For excellent results, spatter an ample amount of sawdust at the bottom, and arrange your logs over it, then light.

  1. Soaking up pet odors

 Pets are great buddies to every homeowner. But, you may sometimes have to endure nasty odors in your home as a pet lover. In this case, sawdust should be your first choice if you wish to alleviate pet odors and moisture.

Use it to clean the pet’s litter box or sprinkle over pet messes for a quick clean up. That’s not all, though! You can use sawdust for caged pets like guinea pigs and hamsters. Also, it will create a comfortable living space for the pets.

  1. Gardening

If you’re an avid gardener, you should know the benefits of sawdust for home gardens. It works well with oil and will help you get the most out of your garden. Moreover, it’s great for growing mushrooms since they thieve well on fallen tree logs and wood. To grow a mushroom garden using sawdust, mix it with a small amount of organic compost and moisten the mixture.

Final thoughts

 Sawdust is a handy product in many homes. You’ll be surprised that many people trash it into garbage bins without knowing how useful it can be. If you have been doing this, it’s time to acquire sawdust from your local store and enjoy using it around the home.

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